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13 Original Colonies: Facts and The Order They Were Founded

What were the original 13 colonies? When were they founded? What are the 13 original colonies in order? Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Virginia were the thirteen colonies. These Colonies were primarily located along the northeast coast of the current US, which helped with shipping and economic stimulation.

New England Colonies

Rhode Island

When was Rhode Island Founded? 1636
Fun Facts: Smallest colony and state. First to declare independence from England, but last of thirteen colonies to become a state because of concerns over being fairly represented despite the size.


When was Connecticut Founded? 1635
Fun Facts: 5th to become a state 1788, Connecticut was settled by Puritans from Massachusetts, and the state laws were the model for the US Constitution, which is how it got its nickname “Constitution State.”


When was Massachusetts Founded? 1628
Fun Facts: This is the home to the famous historical place “Plymouth Rock.”

New Hampshire

When was New Hampshire Founded? 1623
Fun Facts: Named for Hampshire County in England. Major Industry of NH is Agriculture, Manufacturing.

Middle Colonies


When was Delaware Founded? 1638
Fun Facts: Delaware’s Blue Hen army turned away advancing British in the initial skirmish with great speed and bravery. The 13-star colonial flag was first flown in battle in Delaware.


When was Pennsylvania Founded? 1681
Fun Facts: Pennsylvania means Penn’s Woods, named for William Penn. PA was nicknamed “the Keystone State” because it is the center of the arch of thirteen colonies. It was settled by various religious groups who greatly enhanced colonial life with inventions such as the Conestoga wagon.

New York

When was New York Founded? 1613
Fun Facts: Named for the Duke of York. Major industries of NY included Manufacturing, shipbuilding, ironworks along with Agriculture, cattle, grain, rice, indigo, wheat.

New Jersey

When was New Jersey Founded? 1664
Fun Facts: Land was given to the Governor of the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel for this colony. NJ would be the site of over 100 battles and skirmishes before the Revolutionary War ended.

Southern Colonies


When was Maryland Founded? 1634
Fun Facts: Named for Queen Henrietta Maria of England. Maryland was known for its valiant army, and later part of the state became known as Washington DC.


When was Virginia Founded? 1607
Fun Facts: Home to four of the first five US presidents. Virginia was the site of the 1st permanent settlement in Jamestown in 1607

North Carolina

When was North Carolina Founded? 1653
Fun Facts: Home of Roanoke Island’s Lost Colony. The Major industries of NC centered around Plantation agriculture with indigo, rice, and tobacco.

South Carolina

When was South Carolina Founded? 1670
Fun Facts: Once part of “Carolina” with NC, it was nicknamed the Palmetto State because the fortress of palms kept British warships away from Charleston harbor during the battle of 1776


When was Georgia Founded? 1733
Fun Facts: The last colony settled but was 4th to ratify the Constitution and become a state named after King George II.