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The 20 Largest U.S. States

Alaska tops the list as the largest state of the United States whether the land area includes water or not. An exclusion to the list is Michigan, whose total area is 96,716 square miles (147,121 sq km). However, it has 41% water area, leaving a land area of only 56, 804 sq miles.

The Top 20 Largest States of the United States of America (USA)

1. Alaska (Alaska; AK)

Land Area: 571,951 square miles (1,481,347 sq km)
Capital: Juneau
Nickname: Maitland State, The Last Frontier

2. Texas (Tex; TX)

Land Area: 261,797 square miles (678,051 sq km)
Capital: Austin
Nickname: Lone Star State

3. California (Calif; CA)

Land Area: 155,959 square miles (403,933 sq km)
Capital: Sacramento
Nickname: Golden State

4. Montana (Mont; MT)

Land Area: 145,552 square miles (376,979 sq km)
Capita: Helena
Nickname: Treasure State, Big Sky Country

5. New Mexico (N Mex; NM)

Land Area: 121,356 square miles (314,309 sq km)
Capital: Santa Fe
Nickname: Sunshine State, Land of Enchantment

6. Arizona (Ariz; AZ)

Land Area: 113,635 square miles (294,312 sq km)
Nickname: Apache State, Grand Canyon State

7. Nevada (Nev; NV)

Land Area: 109,826 square miles (284,448 sq km)
Capital: Carson City
Nickname: Silver State, Sagebrush State

8. Colorado (Colo; CO)

Land Area: 103,718 square miles (268,627 sq km)
Capital: Denver
Nickname: Centennial State

9. Wyoming (Wyo; WY)

Land Area: 97,100 sq miles (251,489 sq km)
Capital: Cheyenne
Nickname: Equality State, Cowboy State

10. Oregon (Oreg; OR)

Land Area: 95,997 square miles (248,631 sq km)
Capital: Salem
Nickname: Sunset State, Beaver State

11. Idaho (Idaho; ID)

Land Area: 82,747 square miles (214,314 sq km)
Capital: Boise
Nickname: Gem State

12. Utah (Utah; UT)

Land Area: 82,144 square miles (212,751 sq km)
Capital: Salt Lake City
Nickname: Mormon State, Beehive State

13. Kansas (Kans; KS)

Land Area: 81,815 square miles (211,900 sq km)
Capital: Topeka
Nickname: Sunflower State; Jayhawker State

14. Minnesota (Minn; MN)

Land Area: 79,610 square miles (206,169 sq km)
Capital: St Paul
Nickname: Gopher State; North Star State

15. Nebraska (Nebr; NE)

Land Area: 76,872 square miles (199,099 sq km)
Capital: Lincoln
Nickname: Cornhusker State; Beef State

16. South Dakota (S Dak; SD)

Land Area: 75,885 square miles (196,540 sq km)
Capital: Pierre
Nickname: Mount Rushmore State, Coyote State

17. North Dakota (N Dak; ND)

Land Area: 68,976 square miles (178,647 sq km)
Capital: Bismarck
Nickname: Flickertail State, Sioux State, Peace Garden State

18. Missouri (Mo; MO)

Land Area: 68,886 square miles (178,414 sq km)
Capital: Jefferson City
Nickname: Bullion State, Show Me State

19. Oklahoma (Okla; OK)

Land Area: 68,667 square miles (177,847 sq km)
Capital: Oklahoma City
Nickname: Sooner State

20. State of Washington (Wash; WA)

Land Area: 66,544 square miles (172,348 sq km)
Capital: Olympia
Nickname: Evergreen State, Chinook State

This list excludes water. The total land area of the U.S. has grown progressively. By 1900, it was 2, 974, 159 square miles (7, 703, 036 sq km). Based on Census 2000, this list now shows a total land area of 3,541,479 sq miles (9,172,389 sq km).