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Facts about Aardwolfs For Kids

The aardwolf is a small, insectivorous mammal, native to East and Southern Africa. Its name means “earth wolf” in Afrikaans and Dutch.

Scientific name: Proteles cristata
Mass: 17 lbs
Conservation status: Least Concern
Trophic level: Carnivorous
Rank: Species
Did you know: Aardwolf can eat up to 250,000 termites in one night.

Facts about the Aardwolf For Kids

  • Aardwolf looks similar to striped hyena. However unlike aardwolf striped hyenas are carnivorous.
  • It has 7.9–11.8 in long tail with the shoulder height measuring at 16 to 20 in.
  • Aardwolf weighs as much as 15–22 lb.
  • It has pale yellow to reddish coat. The aardwolf’s body is all covered with long furs.
  • It lives in Tanzania, Somalia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Uganda, and Egypt.
  • Aardwolf builds habitat in open areas such as bushland, savannas, grasslands, dry plains.
  • They are nocturnal animals.
  • Aardwolf’s sounds include clucking and hoarse barking.
  • Aardwolf travels about 5.0–7.5 mi in the entire summer season.
  • Aardwolf can live up to 10 years in the wild and up to 18 years in captivity.