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About Us

Created in 2010, The Free Resource was designed to promote the sharing of quality educational information and credible resources on the web. Each one of the research documents you read on The Free Resource has is supported by some of the most authoritative resources on the web, like Harvard University, the Smithsonian, or NASA. The end result is a resource that delivers not only the information the reader wants to know, but direct access to the quality source from which the information came and additional resources that go deeper in depth about the topic at hand.

The research on The Free Resource are tailored towards students, teachers, and education professionals. This guides our choices when determining if a resource that is given for a piece of research, or the research itself, is credible. We determine this credibility by asking, “Would a teacher accept this resource if it was included in a paper from a student?” If the answer is no, then it is not included, but if the answer is yes, more research is done to determine other trust metrics around that research before it is published.

A privately-owned company based out of Chicago, The Free Resource hires dedicated teachers and education professionals to create the material that our audience is seeking. For readers, we aim to provide an unparalleled free research experience. For our researchers, we seek to provide a platform for establishing credibility and authority in their chosen fields.

How The Free Resource is Different from Other Writing Sites

There are many sites on the web that support user-generated content. That is, they allow almost anyone with an internet connection to create the articles and information. However, that format allows virtually any information to appear credible, when in fact, it is poorly researched or based on opinions more so than facts.

We welcome applications from researchers of all backgrounds, but do have strict acceptance policies. Researchers with a background in journalism and education are strongly encouraged to apply, as are researchers with three or more years experience writing for the web.\

What We’re Looking for at The Free Resource

Researchers who will excel writing for The Free Resource will have:

  • a basic knowledge of keywords and keyword research
  • experience finding credible sources, such as educational websites
  • the ability to follow a style guide and accept constructive feedback
  • a schedule that allows for publishing at least one article per month
  • a background in writing for the web, journalism, or education

What The Free Resource Will Not Accept:

The goal of The Free Resource, above all, is to provide quality, trustworthy material to our readers. In line with this mission, we will not accept:

  • research that has been published elsewhere on the web
  • affiliate advertising links or sponsored material
  • links to a researcher’s other material on other sites, unless they are widely considered to be a authority or expert in the subject matter
  • a place for a writer to market their other sites and get links for seo value
  • research written in the first person
  • opinion pieces not backed by trusted resources

I think readers of my own blog or website would like some of the research on The Free Resource. Can I link to the research articles?

We invite anyone to link to our research online. Please keep in mind that links are welcome, but copying the research and pasting it on your website is not. The research is owned by each individual researcher, and The Free Resource has exclusively electronic licensing of them for the first year. We include writing tips about how to increase traffic to your research for our researchers as well which includes the benefits of getting links to your research.