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Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Fact For Kids

The ankylosaurus is a type of herbivorous dinosaur. It belongs to the family ankylosaurid and lived in North America and Asia during the Late Cretaceous period, around 76-65 million years ago. While it was alive, this dinosaur could be found grazing on ferns and leaves.

The ankylosaurus resembled a crab and was covered in bony armor and spikes on its back. Its arms were covered by large plates of bony armor, which was powerful enough to defend itself against enemies.

The ankylosaurus was related to the triceratops, but it had a larger body size, two horns on the upper part of its head, sharp spikes on its back, foot claws with hooves instead of toes, and sharp teeth.

The ankylosaurs used their large clubs to attack predators.

Quick Facts

  • It was only 12 feet tall, making it one of the smaller members of its family.
  • They were plant-eaters and had tiny teeth relative to their body size. They had no grinding teeth.
  • Ankylosaurus was a slow-moving creature.
  • They had a muscular tongue.
  • Their fossils have been found in the western USA and Canada.
  • Ankylosaurus had a strong clubbed tail which was useful in its defense. In addition, its tail may have been used in attracting mates.
  • They belonged to a group of armored dinosaurs. A few from that group even had armored eyelids.
  • It lived during the Late Cretaceous Period.
  • They had two rows of spikes along their body.
  • In the neck region of its body, Ankylosaurus had the biggest cluster of armors.
  • Ankylosaurus was a quadruped. It moved on four limbs.
  • They had five toes on each foot.
  • They lived upland in a near-tropical climate that was not near to the rivers.
  • Ankylosaurus had skin that was covered with Osteoderms.