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Apatosaurus (Formerly Brontosaurus): Dinosaur Quick Facts

Apatosaurus/Brontosaurus was one of the largest land animals that ever existed. The dinosaur Brontosaurus is now called Apatosaurus. This plant-eater measured about 70-90 feet long and about 15 feet tall at the hips and weighed 33-38 tons. Its head was less than 2 feet long; it had a long skull and a very tiny brain. This plant-eater had a long neck, a long whip-like tail, a hollow backbone, peg-like teeth in the front of the jaws, and four massive, column-like legs.

The Name Apatosaurus

Meaning – Apatosaurus means “deceptive lizard”
Named By – Othniel C. Marsh
When Named – 1877

What did the Apatosaurus Eat?

The Apatosaurus was a Herbivore but it also did a weird thing by swallowing stones to help grind up its tough plant food becuase did not chew its food.

How big was the Apatosaurus?

Length – 70-90 feet long
Height – 10-15 feet tall at the hips
Weight – 33-38 tons

When Did the Apatosaurus live?

Late Jurassic period, about 157-146 million years ago

Where did the Apatosaurus live?

Fossils have been found in ColoradoOklahomaUtah, and Wyoming, in the USA, North America.

Where Have Apatosaurus Fossils Been Found?

A few incomplete fossils have been found (mostly without skulls).

What is the classification of the Apatosaurus?

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Archosauria
Order Saurischia
Suborder Sauropoda
Superfamily Neosauropoda
Family Diplodocidae
Genus Apatosaurus
Species A. ajax

Interesting Facts out Apatosaurus:

The dinosaur Brontosaurus named by Marsh in 1879 is now called Apatosaurus. Apatosaurus’ nostrils were located on the top of its head so it could breath if it went under water up to its head.