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April Fun Facts and Trivia Resources

Birth Stone for Someone Born in April?
Diamond is the April Birthstone

What is April’s Zodiac Sign?
Aries March 21 to April 19
Taurus April 20 to May 20

How Many Days in April?
There are 30 days in April

What is April’s Flower?

The birth flower is typically listed as either the Daisy or the Sweet Pea.

What Holidays Are in April?
April Fools’ Day – April 1
Good Friday
Arbor Day (Korea) – April 5
End of Tax Year (UK) – April 5
Thai New Year in Thailand
Lao New Year in Laos
Khmer New Year in Cambodia
Tax Day (US)
Patriots’ Day
Earth Day
Arbor Day

April is National What Month?
National Poetry Month (United States)
Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day, usually fourth Thursday (United States)
Sexual Assault Awareness Month (United States)
National Poetry Writing Month
National Arab American Heritage Month (United States)
World Health Day
Buddha’s Birthday
National Child Abuse Prevention Month (United States)

Famous People Were Born in April?
1564 William Shakespeare
1578 William Harvey
1619 Jan van Riebeeck
1729 Catherine the Great
1743 Thomas Jefferson
1758 James Monroe
1783 Washington Irving
1785 John James Audubon
1791 James Buchanan
1791 Samuel Morse
1805 Hans Christian Andersen
1815 Anthony Trollope
1822 Ulysses S. Grant
1838 John Muir
1850 Michael J. Dady
1856 Booker T. Washington
1857 Clarence Darrow
1858 Max Planck
1863 William Randolph Hearst
1982 Jon Lee
1982 Kelly Clarkson
1982 Kirsten Dunst
1982 Riley Smith
1984 Kirsten Storms
1984 Patrick Stump
1985 Courtnee Draper
1985 Leona Lewis
1986 Amanda Bynes
1986 Dianna Agron
1987 Brendon Urie
1987 Brooklyn Decker
1987 Joss Stone
1987 Maria Sharapova
1988 Haley Joel Osment
1990 Alex Pettyfer
1990 Dev Patel
1991 Jamie Lynn Spears
1994 Liliana Mumy