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Facts about the Archipelago Sea For kids

  • The Archipelago Sea is a sea of the Eastern Mediterranean. It encompasses about 3,000 islands. Some famous ones are Corfu and Rhodes (Greece), Kastelorizo and Patmos (Greece), Kos, and the Turkish Dodecanese Islands.
  • It has an average depth of 1,828 feet or 563 meters and a maximum depth of 2,890 feet or 854 meters at its deepest point near Mount Athos. The sea’s water is relatively fresh with less than 20% salinity compared to the other Mediterranean seas such as those in Italy or Spain, which have around 38%. It is a known diving ground.
  • The waters of the archipelago sea contain numerous islands and islets, which offer a wide variety of scuba-diving destinations. The archipelago sea is located halfway between the southern tip of Sicily to the north and the southernmost part of European Turkey to the south. The Turkish coastline, along with that of Greece, constitutes one territory called Northern Aegean Turkey. The northern coast of Northern Aegean Turkey borders with Asia Minor, which makes this territory an important trade route between Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  • The east coast of the Archipelago Sea is characterized by deep water channels in which small ships can enter in search of shelter but which are not suitable for large-scale shipping. The coast is rocky and steep, with some very narrow areas. The southern coast of the Archipelago Sea abounds with beautiful beaches. The Greek islands are spread along the length of the sea, usually separated by two to four kilometers. There are only two archipelago seaports which are Çeşme and Bodrum, on Turkey’s southwest coast.
  • The current population of the Archipelago Sea is estimated to be around 3 million people or less than 1/10th that of Turkey’s population. However, the population in the northern Aegean region is much denser than the rest of the Aegean region. For example, approximately half of all Greeks live in the Archipelago Sea region.
  • The Greek islands in the Archipelago Sea are part of Greece, and Greece consequently has sovereignty over them. All islands in the Archipelago Sea are considered part of the Eastern Mediterranean Region or Eastern European Region.
  • Currently, 696 islands are inhabited. The vast majority are located south of Bodrum, but some are also found north of Rhodes. Only five islands have over 1,000 people, while less than a hundred islands have populations under 100 people. There are a total of 4,000 islets in the Archipelago Sea.
  • The archipelago sea is under the jurisdiction of Greece and Turkey. The Aegean Sea is a limited shared body of water between Greece, Turkey, and Albania. Cyprus also claims an area of 12 nautical miles around each island.
  • Today, all islands with a small population or even larger uninhabited islands have become inhabited due to tourism and development in recent years. For example, there are 8 inhabited islands in the Archipelago Sea with 2,626 people.