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Dysprosium (Dy): Fun Facts and Information About the Element

What is the symbol? Dy
What is the atomic number? 66
What is the atomic weight? 162.5
What is the melting point in Celsius? 1412
What is the boiling point in Celsius? 2562
What is the density (g/cm3)? 8.55
What year was it discovered? 1886
Who discovered the element? Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran
What group is the element in? 101
What is the electron configuration? [Xe] 4f10 6s2
What is the ionization energy? 5.9389
What element category is it in? Lanthanoids

Where is Dysprosium Found?

Dysprosium occurs along with other so-called rare-earth or lanthanide elements in a variety of minerals such as xenotime, fergusonite, gadolinite, euxenite, polycrase, and blomstrandine.

What is Dysprosium Used For?

Dysprosium-cadmium chalcogenides, as sources of infrared radiation, have been used for studying chemical reactions. While we have not found many applications for dysprosium, its thermal neutron absorption cross-section and high melting point suggest metallurgical uses in nuclear control applications and for alloying with special stainless steels.