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Erbium (Er): Fun Facts and Information About the Element

What is the symbol? Er
What is the atomic number? 68
What is the atomic weight? 167.259
What is the melting point in Celsius? 1522
What is the boiling point in Celsius? 2510
What is the density (g/cm3)? 9.07
What year was it discovered? 1842
Who discovered the element? Carl Gustaf Mosander
What group is the element in? 101
What is the electron configuration? [Xe] 4f12 6s2
What is the ionization energy? 6.1077
What element category is it in? Lanthanoids

Where is Erbium Found?

Naturally occurring erbium is a mixture of six isotopes, all of which are stable. Nine radioactive isotopes of erbium are also recognized. Recent production techniques, using ion-exchange reactions, have resulted in much lower prices of the rare-earth metals and their compounds in recent years.

What is Erbium Used For?

Erbium is finding nuclear and metallurgical uses. Erbium oxide gives a pink color and has been used as a colorant in glasses and porcelain enamel glazes.