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Timeline of the Life and Explorations of Christopher Columbus For Kids

Christopher Columbus is probably one of the most well known people and explorers in history. You learn about him and his life, explorations, and his discoveries in most history classes growing up. There is a lot of facts and information about Christopher Columbus for someone to read so we have gone through and created a brief timeline of the life, explorations and key points in his life.

1451 Christopher Columbus is born in Genoa, Italy. He shows an early interest in sea exploration.

1477 Columbus widens his experience as a merchant sailor having made journeys to Guinea and Iceland.

1479 A nobleman’s daughter named Felipa Moniz becomes the wife of Christopher Columbus. They decide to live on the Island of Porto.

1480 Columbus has a son named Diego with Felipa.

1485 Columbus, now a widower, relocates to Spain.

1488 Columbus has another son who is born to a woman named Beatriz de Harana.

1492 August , Columbus starts his first expedition in search of a new part of the world with financial support from the King and Queen of Spain.

1492 OctoberA member of Columbus’ crew sees a glimpse of the New World for the first time.

1492 December , Columbus arrives at Hispaniola and later that month a ship in his fleet called the Santa Maria is lost to the sea.

1493 February , Columbus spots Santa Maria Island.

1493 March , Columbus’ two remaining ships the Pinta and the Nina arrive back in Spain.

1493 September , Columbus’ second expedition of ships sails out of Cadiz, Spain.

1493 November , Columbus finds his way to Hispaniola.

1504 After his third expedition, Columbus is back in Spain.

1506 At the age of fifty-five explorer Christopher Columbus dies in Valladolid, Spain.