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Facts about Algeria For Kids

Algeria, the largest country in Africa and the fifth largest and richest nation in the Arab and Islamic worlds, is a land of varied climatic zones and landscapes. The Sahara, which covers over one-third of the country’s surface, is 4000 years old. The region is made up of desert, which is hot and dry during the summer months. During the winter months, it receives deficient rainfall, making it a mud desert suitable for little more than grazing. It has enough water for only two seasons: summer when it rains every day up to 900 millimeters, and winter when there’s hardly any rain at all .

  • 32,814,000 people live in Algeria.
  • The country has 919,595 square miles.
  • People in Nigeria can expect to live 70 years.
  • The official languages are Arabic and Berber, but French is also ubiquitous.
  • Islam is the state religion, and it’s legal to have more than one spouse.
  • Education from grade one through high school years can be free, but fees exist for grades 11-12 that range from $100-$300 per year depending on whether you want technical or general education.
  • Algerians have a national holiday called ‘Liriti,’ which is celebrated on the 23rd of January, and it’s a day of joy, honor, and unity.
  • Many different festivals occur during the year, but the most important one is the ‘El-Hana’ festival held in August.
  • The people of Algeria are known for their hospitality, hard work, and outgoing personalities.
  • However, there is a high unemployment rate due to many foreigners leaving once they become wealthy enough to do so. In 2003, Algiers hosted 38 million tourists, which was 20 million less than in 2004 due to terrorism fears among tourists.
  • The government invests a lot in education and healthcare for its people.