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Facts About Andre Marie Ampere For Kids

Andre Marie Ampere was a French electrical engineer and physicist regarded as one of the founders of modern electromagnetism. He helped to shape the world today with his discoveries in electricity, magnetism, and electrostatics. His work led to a wide range of devices, from telegraphs to electric motors.

This list is a straightforward compilation of the facts you need to know about Ampere’s long and complicated life. Learn more about Andre Marie Ampere today!

Name: Andre Marie Ampere

Date of Birth: February 25, 1775

Place of Death: Paris, France

Fields of Study: Electricity (many people believe that his discovery was in magnetism; however, he always thought that electricity was the main force behind it all. He used to run his experiments with both hands in the water – one holding the iron rod and the other holding an electrical conductor to see which could reach further into the water. To prove his hypothesis that electricity was the foremost force, he made a bridge across a bridge of boats. He also used to run a wire from one boat to another and complete experiments by placing an electrical conductor in different metals – such as copper, bronze, iron, and even those discovered during the time of Galileo. He also made several improvements on previous inventions such as the Leyden jar and improved upon existing ones such as the Voltaic pile)

Fields of Interest: Physics (electricity research), mathematics (Volta’s theorem is named after him. The first proof of Volta’s theorem came from Ampere using complex mathematical equations and formulae to show that not all combinations of two wires produce current. He also discovered that all magnetic poles are not alike in size and that the field strength (magnetic force) depended upon the shape of the magnet)

Fields of Ambition: Physics (He wanted to be a professional electrical engineer when he was young. He thought an electrician’s career was more promising than becoming a physicist like his father. He used to do his experiments in his bedroom, even when he was in school. Ampere is often compared with Benjamin Franklin regarding their inventions; he also liked both liberty and equality).