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Facts About Kangaroos For Kids

Pressing the Australian marsupial is misunderstood and often portrayed as unintelligent, but in reality, they are unique and complex animals who have adapted to every type of habitat.

They have good memories and the ability to recognize themselves in different images, can hop distances of up to 10 feet at a time using just their hind legs, and commune with the help of two-tone calls. Kangaroos also inhabit a wide range of environments, from jungles to deserts, saving them from extinction time after time. The list goes on and on with kangaroos—they really do deserve more respect! So let’s learn more about these fascinating creatures:

1. The biggest marsupial pouch is found in the female kangaroo.

2. Females have small breasts, while males have large breasts.

3. The pouch opens on the animal’s side, which is how it can fit so much inside it.
They can fit an average of 3 teats inside their pouches!

4. A female will carry up to 40% of her body weight in her pouch!
That’s about 80 pounds or 35 kilos!

5. The kangaroo’s skin is good at protecting it from the sun but is not efficient thermoregulation.  That means Kangaroos can get overheated by the sun without sweating.

6. They also have great vision compared to other marsupials.

7. A female kangaroo has a gestation period of up to 63 days, while a male will have about five months to grow his pouch!

8. A female kangaroo must be pregnant for eight months before she can give birth!

9. Female kangaroos can give birth every four years!

10. A baby kangaroo is called a Joey.

11. A joey cannot hop when it is born but rather crawl and fall into the pouch for safety.

12. The mother does not have a teat for her young in the pouch; instead, she will lick into the pouch and directly feed the joey’s mouth with her tongue!

13. Like humans, kangaroos need their nine months of pregnancy to grow and develop before they are born and able to survive independently.

14. If there are more female kangaroos than male kangaroos in an area, the males will fight each other for access to females.

15. Kangaroos can lick their forearms to cool down.

16. A kangaroo’s eyes are at the sides of its head, so it will turn its head to look around or see what is behind them, but not in front of them.

17. If the kangaroo wants to see something in front of him, he will use his tail as a fifth leg and support it so he can look forward!

18. The tail is called a “prehensile tail,” which means that it is strong enough to grab things with it, like branches or other kangaroos!

19. They can curl it around branches to get a good grip.

20. Kangaroos move by stepping, which is why they hop on their short legs while running side-to-side!

21. the mother kangaroo needs to contact her joey after birth, so it can get nutrition directly from her body by licking into the pouch.

22. Kangaroos are known for their awkward hopping on two legs when they are running through the grasslands of Australia, but they do better than some other animals in this way!