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Facts About the Allied Axis Powers For Kids

In the early 1940s, when the world was faced with a second global war, five nations joined together in a partnership known as the “Allied Axis Powers” to defeat Germany and Japan. This alliance was composed of England with its Commonwealth partners Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The Soviet Union also formed an alliance with these countries, which would later evolve into NATO after World War II with France joining. In addition, the United States formed another alliance called “The United Nations” with most Asian countries to maintain peace and prevent future wars from being started again by these countries.

  • In 1945, Allied troops liberated around two-thirds of Nazi concentration camps.
  • The U.S. forces were mostly separate from the Allied troops until they reached Germany. At that time, they joined in to fight against Germany closer to Berlin, but their main goal was to stop Hitler’s advance capability in the “Battle of the Bulge.”
  • The Soviet Union committed war crimes when they invaded Poland and invaded Finland in 1941. They also committed war crimes in Hungary in 1956 by leading to 170,000 deaths.
  • Adolf Hitler wanted the Soviet Union to join with Germany to overpower England and France when he began World War 2. A Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 contributed to the war. Also, Stalin wanted to create a communist empire with Russia at the center of it.
  • The allied powers aimed to stop Hitler’s plan of creating a third global empire. The allied powers feared that if Germany or any other country got too powerful, that they could conquer most of Europe and then start conquering the rest of the world, as Hitler had planned as well as his earlier plans. As a result, one reason America joined with Britain and Russia was to stop Hitler from taking over most of Europe before conquering larger parts of Asia and North America.
  • In fact, when Hitler invaded Russia, four countries pledged to fight against them: China, the United States, the British Empire, and the Soviet Union.
  • However, a lot of history was destroyed due to World War II. Germany lost a lot of its territory in Eastern Europe, and it also lost a lot of its industrial base because most of the cities were destroyed. The main reason why Germany lost so much was that Hitler decided not to use tactical nukes against London or Moscow. The German people blamed Hitler for their loss for this decision that cost Germany so much war damages.
  •  Today, there are still many countries that have been affected by World War II. In Europe, many countries have been left to rebuild as a result of the war and the Cold War. The Cold War was high tension between the U.S., Canada, and the Soviet Union. This time period was over in 1991 with the collapse of communism. Since then, many other nations have become democratic, and this period is now known as a time when there were many changes between nations across the world.
  • In Asia, countries such as China and Japan had been left with land still under Allied control until after World War II.