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Facts about the Romans for kids

The Romans were a large tribe of people spread across Europe and later on the Mediterranean Basin. They are well-known for their military conquests of many countries, including France, Spain, Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Egypt.

The ancient Romans developed one of the world’s most advanced civilizations. It was not just military affairs that led to Rome’s success; they also produced ingenious architects who designed buildings like the Pantheon and breathtaking artwork like this statue of Venus de Milo.

Although the Roman Empire was experienced hardships in the 6th century, it rose to county power again in 476.

Many of today’s languages still use the Latin alphabet, like English and French. However, their titles are also in ancient Greek, developed by Greek philosophers who traveled to Rome. The Roman alphabet was developed by merging the Greek alphabet with the Latin alphabet around 100 B.C.

The Roman calendar later became known as the Julian calendar, but the Gregorian calendar later replaced that. Likewise, the letters of the Latin alphabet were later replaced by new letters that the Greeks invented.

The Romans also discovered many things that we use today, including papermaking techniques and making glass bottles. They introduced these ideas to people around the Mediterranean Basin.

The Roman Empire prospered from trade and trade routes, bringing gold, silver, and other valuable commodities from areas around the Mediterranean Basin. This gold was used extensively by despots who wanted to pay their armies with it. That is how many of today’s wealthy monarchies came into existence.

The Roman Empire had elaborate buildings with high ceilings, which skilled artisans made. This building style is present in many churches around the world today.

By using statues to represent deities of both Greek and Roman religions, the Romans created beautiful representations of God that have survived today. The most famous surviving Roman sculpture is the statue of Venus de Milo in Paris, France.

The Romans came up with many methods of disemboweling people on the battlefield to kill them quickly. For example, they invented this method for killing gladiators who fought with each other in stadiums by watching them fight on purpose instead of allowing their fights to the death within a time limit.