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Facts about Versailles France For Kids

If you’re a history buff, a lover of architectural design, or someone with interest in exploring the world’s finest historical sites, then Versailles is definitely one to put on your list.

What better way to explore this grand palace than by diving into our list of facts about Versailles France? These are only some highlights from the fascinating history and picturesque beauty that awaits visitors at this unbelievable sight.

  1. Versailles Palace is located in Versailles, which was built in the 17th century for King Louis XIV. Based on the design developed by Louis Le Vau, this architectural masterpiece was meant to serve as a grand residence that could be used by King Louis XIV and his entourage whenever they traveled from Paris. The palace originally included the main building, a smaller house, surrounding gardens, stables, and a menagerie.
  2. In 1682, Louis XIV brought his court to Versailles to live with him permanently, which allowed him to create an economic boom in the area and establish himself as one of Europe‘s most influential political figures.
  3. The palace is over 650,000 square feet and uses 7,000 pieces of furniture and decorations.
  4. It has 52 staircases, 62 courtyards, and 64 ramps, making up over 1166 steps!
  5. At its peak, the palace was home to more than 30,000 people and included several rooms housed courtiers and staff members. Guests and visitors included royalty and nobility from countries across Europe and those from all around the world, including those from China, Japan, Africa, etc.
  6. Today, the palace includes many of the original rooms used to welcome visitors who enjoy this architectural masterpiece, including the famous Salle des Gardes, Galerie des Glaces, and The Opera.
  7. The gardens at Versailles are considered among the most well designed in all of France. They include both formal gardens as well as informal gardens, which Andre Le Notre created.
  8. The largest garden at Versailles is known as the Grand Parterre, which can be found behind the palace and is made up of elaborate boxwood hedges connected with stone statues that include mythological creatures and famous literary figures.
  9. The Grand Parterre also includes an incredible astronomical clock that Louis Le Vau built-in 1710.
  10. The gardens at Versailles are not only beautiful but are also very educational. The gardens include many sculptures that take visitors on a journey through history; some sculptures include the 12 giant nymphs, 8 mythological characters, 18 life-sized statues of famous French heroes, and so on.
  11. The gardens at Versailles were designed to be an artistic wonderland that reflected the lives of great artists in the 1680s when they were being created.
  12. They are also considered among the most well-nourished gardens in all of Europe because it consists of over 2,000 different species of plants including over 50 different types of trees!
  13. The palace grounds are also home to some incredible statues placed throughout the site, including an enormous bronze statue known as “The Venus de Milo,” which was created by Alexandros of Antioch. It measures roughly 11 feet tall and weighs around 11 tons; it is widely considered one of the greatest statues ever created!