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Fun Facts For Kids About Germany

Germany is a country offering a lot of contrasts. This might be because it is the most densely populated country in the world. It is home to 82 million people. Still, despite this population, the people have maintained 31 percent of their country in its natural state with covered forests and woodlands. This is what adds to the beauty of this country.

One of the things Germany is known for is its beer.

The Germans love their beer. They rank number two in the world for beer consumption. If you are in a tavern or wherever you are ordering a beer, you show your thumb. This tells the bartender you want to order one beer. The country has about 1280 breweries. Together they offer more than 5000 brands of beer. Imagine a bar trying to stock everyone’s favorite beer! The German Beer Purity Law ensures the quality of German beer created in 1516. The average German consumes 115 liters of beer per year. The Germans enjoy sausages with their beer. This might account for the more than 1500 types of sausages available in the country.

If you enjoy driving fast, then Germany might be the best place in the world for you – head for the autobahn.

It covers more than 7600 miles. Sixty-five percent of the autobahn has no speed limit. If you rent a car, you must make certain it will go faster than 60 miles an hour. Otherwise, you are in trouble. Be certain to have enough gas – if you run out when on the autobahn, you will be fined.

If a foreigner, or anyone else, decides to settle in Germany and rent an apartment – there is something everyone needs to know.

If you find an ad for an apartment that says “unfurnished,” you must be careful. The ad is particular, and it means what it says. There will not be any furniture inside. There will not be any cabinets, or closets, or light fixtures. And, in case you are wondering, no, there would not be a toilet. Renting an unfurnished apartment is just that – you can be assured of having walls and a roof over your head – other than that, you are on your own. Oh, there is one other thing – you are expected to paint the apartment. If you do not, chances are your deposit will not be refunded.

One of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world is located in Cologne.

Here you will find the Cologne Cathedral. One of the unique things about this beautiful building is that workers began to construct it in the year 1248. However, they completed the cathedral 632 years later.

If you plan to visit Germany, you need to develop a taste for bread, biscuits, and pastries.

There is a unique culture in the country of baking and eating these treats. When choosing the type of bread you want, you have a selection of more than 300 types to choose from. This is nothing compared to biscuits and pastries – here, you have more than 1200 types to choose from.

Most of the cities in Germany have some interesting facts behind them.

For example, Trier is the oldest city, and it was established in 16 BC. It was known as the ‘second Rome.’ It was the home of Constantine the Great as well as several other Roman emperors. Frankfurt has a second name: it is also called ‘Bankfurt.’ This is because there are many banks located in this German city. In Berlin, the zoo there has the largest number of animals in the world. The city of Munich is home to the English Garden. This huge city park allows nudity in certain areas. Finally, Hamburg has a more official name. It is the ‘Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.’ It is named after the first castle built on the site as ordered by Emperor Charlemagne in 808 AD.

Many famous people in the world have visited the country.

When assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy visited Germany, he was trying to speak in German. While he gave a speech at the Berlin Wall, he mistakingly said, “I am a jelly donut.” In 2002, when Michael Jackson visited Germany, he hit the headlines when he dangled his baby son, Prince, over the balcony in a hotel in Berlin. In East Germany, more than 50% of all babies are born to unwed mothers. Another person, famous in his own way, was Adolf Hitler. The ‘mad man’ ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. He has been considered one of the evilest mass murderers ever known to humanity.

Germany is also known for the cuckoo clock.

It was first made in the country in the early 17th century. The clock features a bird appearing through a small trap door. It comes out, imitates the call of cuckoo as the clock strikes the hour. The largest cuckoo clock in the world can be found in the small Black Forest town of Schonach.