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Gadolinium (Gd): Fun Facts and Information About the Element

What is the symbol? Gd
What is the atomic number? 64
What is the atomic weight? 157.25
What is the melting point in Celsius? 1311
What is the boiling point in Celsius? 3233
What is the density (g/cm3)? 7.9
What year was it discovered? 1880
Who discovered the element? Jean Charles Galissard de Marignac
What group is the element in? 101
What is the electron configuration? [Xe] 4f7 5d1 6s2
What is the ionization energy? 6.1501
What element category is it in? Lanthanoids

Where is Gadolinium Found?

Gadolinium is found in several other minerals, including monazite and bastnasite, both of which are commercially important. With the development of ion-exchange and solvent extraction techniques, the availability and prices of gadolinium and the other rare-earth metals have greatly improved. The metal can be prepared by the reduction of the anhydrous fluoride with metallic calcium.

What is Gadolinium Used For?

Gadolinium yttrium garnets are used in microwave applications and gadolinium compounds are used as phosphors in color television sets.

Gadolinium is unique for its high magnetic movement and for its special Curie temperature lying just at room temperature, meaning it could be used as a magnetic component that can sense hot and cold.