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Facts about the Gazelle for Kids

A gazelle is any of many antelope species in the genus Gazella, or formerly considered to belong to it. Six species are included in two genera, Eudorcas and Nanger, which were formerly considered subgenera. The genus Procapra has also been considered a subgenus of Gazella, and its members are also referred to as gazelles; however they are not dealt with in this article.

  • Gazelles are mostly found in the deserts, grasslands and savannas of Africa, but they are also found in southwest and central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent.
  • Four further species are extinct – the red gazelle, the Arabian gazelle, the Queen of Sheba’s gazelle, and the Saudi gazelle.
  • Most surviving gazelle species are considered threatened to varying degrees.
  • Closely related to the true gazelles are the Tibetan and Mongolian gazelles, the blackbuck of Asia, and the African impala and springbok.
  • One widely familiar gazelle is the African species Thomson’s gazelle, which is around 50 to 70 cm (20 to 28 in) in height at the shoulder and is coloured brown and white with a distinguishing black stripe.
  • Gazelles disappeared from Europe at the start of Ice Age, but they survived in Africa and Middle East.