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Facts about The Himalayan Cat for Kids

As glamorous cats, the Himalayan are like a combination of the luxurious sophistication of the Persians specie and possess the poise, beauty, and markings of the shorthaired Siamese cats. Other similarities that the Himalayans have with the Siamese cats are bright, sapphire blue eyes and a mask, ears, tail, legs, and feet of a different color than the rest of their body.


Its history is traced back to1924 when a Swedish geneticist ran an experimental breeding program mating a Siamese with a Persian. However, it was not until around 1935 that the first long-haired, pointed pattern feline was conceived. After a succession of carefully planned cross-breedings of the Persian and the Siamese cats, that the modern-day Himalayan became extremely commonplace. The Seal-Point Himalayan was one of the first types produced.


As for their temperament, Himalayans are known to have a combination of the best traits of both the Persian and the Siamese cat. This feline has a gentle nature like the Persian and shows great spirits without being demonstrative. “Himmies” as they are nicknamed by some, are the ideal indoor companion. Besides being sweet-tempered, calm, and gentle, they can be quite playful. They love to fetch objects and are amused with a toy or even a crumpled piece of paper.

They depend heavily on their owners for companionship. This feline is devoted and loves to be groomed and petted quite often. Yet, they are not the type of cat that will harass you for attention. Himalayans are easily trained and quieter than the Siamese cats.


Its appearance makes it easy to distinguish. The heavily boned body with a deeply recessed chest consists of a usually solid colored fur which is lush, dense, and silky to the touch. A common body color is a warm cream hue with deep, seal-brown markings. Its tail is rather short, but very full with fur; the legs are short and stubby, but sturdy; and the feet are large and round with seal-brown pads and long toe tufts. Blue-point Himalayans have slate blue markings that break the consistency of their bluish white coat of fur.

The head of a Himalayan is round and broad with the following characteristics: full cheeks; a puffy nose; sapphire blue, round, large, bright eyes; and ears that are small with rounded tips and well spaced apart.

Himalayans come in a wide variety of colors as blue, chocolate, cream, flame, lilac, lynx, or a two-color combination of any of these hues. Depending on their color, their markings are typically slate blue, red, black, or brown.