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10 Fun and Weird Facts about Italy For Kids

In order to understand a cultural background better, it is very important to find some of the facts that circulate around that specific culture. We can take for example Italy. Just by visiting Italy you may not be able to get some of the most fun and weird facts about this city. However, cities like Rome and Italy can offer so much integrity and adversity at the same time that they become the most seek for cities in the world to explore, travel to and understand. Italy has always been considered to be a romantic city and there are some very strong reasons behind this reality. Please find some fun and weird facts here which you may find amusing and useful.

1. The opera is an Italian creation.

Shakespeare’s plays were all set in Italy and those include wonderful and famous performance like the Romeo and Juliet. There are many plays that have been created around these lines that have been very famous all throughout the history of Italy and they include the literature on the “Promessi Sposi” which is very similar to the story of Romeo and Juliet.

2. Italian is considered to be the romance language and it is much related to all other Latin languages.

The average Italian is able to speak many dialects that are related to Italian as well. Italian is very closely related to Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian, however, it is also considered to be a very sweet and delicate language, and even people fighting on the streets seem to be singing to each other. Rome is also called the centre of the world and this could be due to the reason that the people are so open and accommodating.

3. Italy is on top of the list on sports cars manufacturers in the whole world.

You will find that companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Maserati and Alfa Romeo are all manufactured in Italy. It is believed that you should not try to outrun a police car in Italy as they all drive Lamborghinis. Italians look at car racing sports with a very special passion that you may not find in any other part of the world.

4. The Mafia is a part of the Italian culture.

Every province has its own mafia organization and they are called “cosa nostra” which basically means “our thing”. It is surprising to know that these organizations run basically from generation to generation and Italians are considered to have large families, however they are considered to have the lowest birthrate in Europe.

5. Italy is considered to be the first country in the world to have the maximum amount of lifts as per the book of Guinness records.

The Italian minds have a very special thrill about going high above ground and it may be interesting to mention that the actual area of land that Italy has is more or less the same as that of a country like New Zealand.

6. TV channels in Italy are owned by the Prime minister and those that are not owned by him are state controlled.

One of the names given to the Prime Minister is Sua Emittenza which stands for his eminence instead of eminence, is because he is the owner of all the TV channels. People in Italy don’t have the freedom of expression through Television that you may find in other European countries; however, they seem to live with it very well.

7. Italian stripping housewives was a TV show that came in the late 1980’s and that was considered to have very unique Italian characteristics.

It is said that the show would consist of two couples competing with each other. And for every right answer that the husband gave, the wife had to take a piece of clothing off her body. The couple that got the wife to get her bra off first was the winner of the show. This can give you a very good idea of the kind of people and their sense of stripping and games.

8. The Catholic Church used to wear purple during the time of Quarantine just before Easter time.

And at that time the Church would ban the theatre for forty days. Now, this is something that does not exist anymore, however, Italians never wear purple to the theater as a symbol of respect for the Church.

9. Another important weird superstitious fact that people follow even to this day is related to visits.

Priests that visit elderly people or the dying normally rest their hats at the bottom of the bed of the dying patient. Never visit a friend in Italy and leave your hat on the bottom of the bed. Italians may not think of themselves as very superstitious, however, you have no idea of what they may go through in order to avoid some sort of myth they unconsciously carry with them.

10. Sixty percent of the Architecture in Italy is rare and unique.

This country has given birth to some of the most famous artists and architects in the history of mankind and their churches like the St Peters Basilica inside the Vatican City is considered to be the largest church to have been constructed in the whole world. This historical monument was constructed sometime in the 1500s and it was then rebuilt and is now able to show its fabulous grandeur to the world.

There are many more fun and weird facts that you can keep on adding in search of the wonders that cities and rich cultural backgrounds have to offer its people and the world in general. A trip to Italy can prove to be very interesting and full of fun and adventure, not to mention the amount of pasta and wine that you can also consume out of respect for the cultural traditions.

You may think that you know a lot about a place like Italy or Rome because you have traveled to these places frequently, however these cities tend to be capable of coming up with surprises at all times.