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James Monroe Biography and Facts For Kids

James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States, serving two terms from 1817 to 1825. Monroe was the last Founding Father of the United States, the last one from the Virginia dynasty and the Republican Generation to become the U.S. President. During the War of 1812Monroe held the critical roles of Secretary of State and the Secretary of War under President James Madison. Facing little opposition from the Federalist Party, Monroe was easily elected president in 1816, winning over 80 percent of the electoral vote.

Facts and Fun Trivia About James Monroe

When was James Monroe born: April 28, 1758
Where was James Monroe born: Westmoreland County, Virginia
Where did James Monroe go to college: College of William and Mary
What was James Monroe’s occupation: Lawyer
Who was James Monroe married to: Elizabeth Kortright Monroe
What number president was James Monroe: 5th
What political party did James Monroe belong to: Democrat-Republican
Who was James Monroe’s vice president: Daniel D. Tompkins
When was James Monroe president: 1817-1825
When did James Monroe die: July 4, 1831
How old was James Monroe when he died: 73
Where is James Monroe buried: Richmond, Virginia
Fact: Monroe was the last U.S. President to wear a powdered wig and knee breeches according to the men’s fashion of the eighteenth century.

James Monroe Quotes

  • “By the last returns to the Department of War the militia force of the several States may be estimated at 800,000 men – infantry, artillery, and cavalry. “
  • “I have great satisfaction in stating that our relations with FranceRussia, and other powers continue on the most friendly basis. “
  • “It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty. “
  • “The best form of government is that which is most likely to prevent the greatest sum of evil. “
  • “The public lands are a public stock, which ought to be disposed of to the best advantage for the nation. “
  • “To impose taxes when the public exigencies require them is an obligation of the most sacred character, especially with a free people. “
  • “A little flattery will support a man through great fatigue. “

Timeline of the Life of James Monroe

1758 Born in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
1783 Elected to the Congress of the Confederation.
1786 Married Elizabeth Kortright.
1790 Elected to the United States Senate.
1794 Named minister to France.
1799 Elected governor of Virginia.
1811 Appointed Secretary of State.
1814 Named Secretary of War.
1816 Elected President of the United States.
1817 Inaugurated as the 5th President of the United States.
1817 Mississippi joined the Union.
1818 Illinois joined the Union.
1819 Alabama became a state.
1819 Arkansas Territory was organized.
1820 Maine became a state.
1820 Re-elected President.
1821 Missouri joined the Union.
1821 Napoleon died.