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Facts about Lincoln, Nebraska for Kids

The City of Lincoln is the capital and the second-most populous city of the state of Nebraska, after Omaha. Lincoln was founded in 1856 as the village of Lancaster, and became the county seat of the newly created Lancaster County in 1859.

  • The capital of Nebraska Territory had been Omaha since the creation of the territory in 1854; however, most of the territory’s population lived south of the Platte River.
  • The city was originally laid out near Salt Creek and among the nearly flat saline wetlands of northern Lancaster County.
  • Arnold Heights: Located in far northwest Lincoln, this neighborhood, also known as Airpark, began as base housing for the adjacent Lincoln Air Force Base during the Cold War.
  • College View: College View is located along 48th Street and near Calvert Street, adjacent to and surrounding the Union College campus.
  • Events, housing, and other information about Downtown Lincoln can be found on the Downtown Lincoln Association’s website at
  • East Campus Located just south of the University of Nebraska East Campus, from Holdrege to Vine and from 33rd to 48th Street, this neighborhood includes a historic district, commonly referred to as “Professor Row”, and McAdams Park, which borders the Mo-Pac bike trail.
  • The neighborhood has a mix of homes built in the early 1900s to more modern homes built in the 1950s, and is home to Irving Middle School, and the Stransky Park concert series.
  • West Lincoln: Located along West Cornhusker Highway, the area was founded in 1887 and was an incorporated community before its annexation by Lincoln in 1966.
  • Since Lincoln is the state capital, many Nebraska state agencies and offices are located in Lincoln, as are several United States Government agencies and offices.
  • The Lincoln Airport provides passengers with daily non-stop service to United Airlines hubs O’Hare International Airport and Denver International Airport as well as Delta Air Lines hub Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.
  • UNL Dairy Store University of Nebraska State Museum: home to an extensive collection of Nebraska fossils and Mueller Planetarium star theater Lincoln Public Schools is the sole public school district in the city.