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Praseodymium (Pr): Fun Facts and Information About the Element

What is the symbol? Pr
What is the atomic number? 59
What is the atomic weight? 140.9077
What is the melting point in Celsius? 935
What is the boiling point in Celsius? 3127
What is the density (g/cm3)? 6.77
What year was it discovered? 1885
Who discovered the element? Carl F. Auer von Welsbach
What group is the element in? 101
What is the electron configuration? [Xe] 4f3 6s2
What is the ionization energy? 5.473
What element category is it in? Lanthanoids

Where is Praseodymium Found?

The element occurs along with other rare-earthelements in a variety of minerals. Monazite and bastnasite are the two principal commercial sources of the rare-earth metals. It was prepared in relatively pure form in 1931.

What is Praseodymium Used For?

Misch metal, used in making cigarette lighters, contains about 5% praseodymium metal. Salts of praseodymium are used to color glasses and enamels; when mixed with certain other materials, praseodymium produces an intense and unusually clean yellow color in glass.