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Rutherford B. Hayes Biography and Facts For Kids

Rutherford Birchard Hayes was the 19th President of the United States, serving one term from 1877 to 1881. Rutherford Birchard Hayes was a respected and successful lawyer in his home state of Ohio. He achieved further success while serving in the Union Army during the u.s. civil war, and he went on to gain prominence as a politician from Ohio. Hayes entered the White House when the powers and prestige of the presidency were at a particularly low ebb. During the term of Andrew Johnson, Congress had reclaimed the initiative, previously exercised by Abraham Lincoln, in shaping Reconstruction policy. As president, he presided over the end of Reconstruction and the United States’ entry into the Second Industrial Revolution. Hayes was a reformer who began the efforts that would lead to civil service reform and attempted, unsuccessfully, to reconcile the divisions that had led to the American Civil War fifteen years earlier.

Fun Facts and Trivia about Rutherford B. Hayes

When was Rutherford B. Hayes born: October 4, 1822
Where was Rutherford B. Hayes born: Deleware, OH
What was Rutherford B. Hayes’s job before becoming president: Lawyer
Who was Rutherford B. Hayes married to: Lucy Webb Hayes
What number president was Rutherford B. Hayes: 19th
What political party did Rutherford B. Hayes belong to: Republican
Who was Rutherford B. Hayes’s vice president: William A. Wheeler
When was Rutherford B. Hayes president: 1877 – 1881
How many terms did Rutherford B. Hayes serve as president: 1
When did Rutherford B. Hayes die: January 17, 1893
How old was Rutherford B. Hayes when he died: 70
Where is Rutherford B. Hayes buried: Fremont, OH

Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes

  • “It is the desire of the good people of the whole country that sectionalism as a factor in our politics should disappear..”
  • “In avoiding the appearance of evil, I am not sure but I have sometimes unnecessarily deprived myself and others of innocent enjoyments.”
  • “He serves his party best who serves his country best.”
  • “Virtue is defined to be mediocrity, of which either extreme is vice.”
  • “We are in a period when old questions are settled and the new are not yet brought forward. Extreme party action, if continued in such a time, would ruin the party. Moderation is its only chance. The party out of power gains by all partisan conduct of those in power. “
  • “To vote is like the payment of a debt, a duty never to be neglected, if its performance is possible. “

Timeline of the Life of Rutherford B. Hayes

1822 Born in Delaware, Ohio on October 4th
1852 Married Lucy Ware Webb
1864 Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives
1867 Elected governor of Ohio served three terms
1876 Elected President of the United States
1877 The Phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison which he demonstrated at the White House
1877 Railroad Strike became so violent that Hayes called out federal troops
1879 Electric street lights are first used to replace gas burning lamps
1880 The island of Tahiti became a French colony
1893 Died on January 17th in Fremont, Ohio

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

The Hayes Presidential Center, Inc. operates and manages the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. A non-profit entity, it receives the majority of its funding through the Rutherford B. Hayes–Lucy Webb Hayes Foundation. The State of Ohio also provides an annual appropriation administered through the OhioHistorical Society.

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