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Sulfur (S): Fun Facts and Information About the Element

What is the symbol? S
What is the atomic number? 16
What is the atomic weight? 32.065
What is the melting point in Celsius? 113
What is the boiling point in Celsius? 445
What is the density (g/cm3)? 2.07
What percent of the earths crust? 0.052
What year was it discovered? ancient
Who discovered the element? Known since ancient times
What group is the element in? 16
What is the electron configuration? [Ne] 3s2 3p4
What is the ionization energy? 10.36
What element category is it in? Other Nonmetals

Where is Sulfur Found?

Sulfur occurs native in the vicinity of volcanos and hot springs. It is widely distributed in nature as iron pyrites, galena, sphalerite, cinnabar, stibnite, gypsum, epsom salts, celestite, barite, etc. Sulfur is essential to life. It is a minor constituent of fats, body fluids, and skeletal minerals.

What is Sulfur Used For?

Sulfur is a component of black gunpowder, and is used in the vulcanization of natural rubber and a fungicide. It is also used extensively in making phosphatic fertilizers. A tremendous tonnage is used to produce sulfuric acid, the most important manufactured chemical. It is used to make sulfite paper and other papers, to fumigate fumigant, and to bleach dried fruits. The element is a good insulator.