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Facts about the Hoover Dam For Kids

The hoover dam was named after president Herbert Hoover and is located on the border of Nevada and Arizona on the Colorado River. The Dam was built between 1931-1936 by a contracting conglomerate called Six Companies Inc.

10 Facts about Hoover Dam

  1. Thomas Edison’s Company nearly built a dam on the same site in 1902, which would have drastically changed the landscape we know today.
  2. Before the plans were completed for the strategic layout of the dam, as we know it today, there was a plan to blow up each side of the river to cause mass amounts of rocks to fall into the river and block it. This would not have created a dam, but more of a blockage in the Colorado River.
  3. A Father and Son died while working on the Hoover Dam. JG Tierney fell in the river and drown. 13 years later to the day, his son Patrick fell off one of the intake towers in to the river and died – he was the last man to die in the making of the dam.
  4. Over 100 people died during the construction of the Hoover Dam. But a deadly disaster in California nearly halted the construction of the dam.  What was this disaster? In 1928 the St. Francis Dam broke apart and flooded the valleys below killing over 400 people. This caused political questioning of whether is was safe to build a dam as big as the Hoover Dam.
  5. The U.S. broke labor laws to build the Hoover Dam. In 1928 the Bolder Canyon Act was created and in section 6 of that act is said that Labor Laws did not apply to the dam. Even though the dam stretches into 2 states, neither state owns the land or the dam and thus no labor laws apply.
  6. The Hoover Dam destroyed a town. Due to the dam, Lake Mead flooded and destroyed the town under 60-70 feet of water.
  7. When it was finished it was not in the best shape and leaked pretty bad for 9 years after it was completed (up to 200 gallons per minute).
  8. Where as many people lost their lives building the dam, none were buried at the dam. The only one buried at the dam is actually not a human, it was a dog. The dog, a black lab mix, was the mascot for the dam.