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Quick Facts About The Rain Forests Around The World

Tropical rain forests play an important role in the earth’s ecosystem. Plants found only in the rainforest supply people all over the world with different types of medication. Unfortunately, the tropical rainforests are slowly being destroyed due to deforestation, and new plants, trees, and wildlife are not being replenished to offset this destruction. Below are some key questions about the rainforest and resources to help you learn about the good and the bad regarding tropical rainforests.

Where are rainforests located?

Rainforests are located near the equator, in the section of the earth called the tropics. These areas are in Africa, South America, Asia, and the islands around Australia.

Insects of the rainforest

Of the millions of species of animals found in the rainforest, most are insects. An impressive half-million of these are beetles.

People of the rainforest

There are approximately 50,000,000 tribal people who call the tropical rainforest home. Three of the most well-known tribes in the rainforest are the Pygmies in Africa, the Huli in Papua New Guinea, and the Yanomami in South America.

Why the rainforest is important

There are several reasons why rainforests are so important. First, rainforests control the climate of the entire earth. As the rainforest disappears, carbon is released into the atmosphere. This creates global warming. Approximately one-fourth of the plants used in common medications can be found only in the rainforest. Also, the rainforest is responsible for about 20% of the world’s fresh water supply.

Saving the rainforest

In recent years, the importance of saving the rainforest has become well-known. Each person can contribute to protecting the rainforest by recycling, conserving energy, and using only organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Soils of the rainforest

The soils of the rainforest are often red or yellow. The soil itself is poor for growing; so much plant life grows so abundantly due to the rapid breakdown of nutrient-rich vegetation.

Survival in the rainforest

It is possible to survive in the rainforest for an extended period of time. There are many edible plants to eat. Wearing appropriate clothing will protect one from insects, sunburn, and other hazards.

The tropical rainforest of the Amazon

The largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon Rainforest, is located in South America. The Amazon is home to 10% of the world’s animals and about 40,000 species of plants.

The tropical rainforest of Australia

The rainforests in Australia are home to gorgeous waterfalls, plants, and animal life.