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United Kingdom (UK): 10 Fun Facts For Kids

The United Kingdom and the English people are always considered European aristocrats, and it is tough to sometimes relate to them differently. However, like any other cultural tradition, the United Kingdom also carried its long list of fun and tales that can amuse you and make you wonder about the reasons for this diversity. Here are some of the fun facts about the United Kingdom.

1. The tube system is a mode of transport that is very popular in London.

Tourists traveling from Leicester Square to the Covenant garden will definitely prefer to travel by tube. However, the funniest thing is that it is quicker and easier to travel the distance by foot at any time. Also, the tube is considered to be the largest underground system in the world. However, it is the most expensive and unreliable form of transport, and the distance that the tube system covers every week is equivalent to several trips around the globe.

2. Windsor Castle is the oldest royal residence globally, and the royal family is still using it.

The Buckingham Palace was built in 1702 on the site of some infamous brothel. People believe that many ghosts hunt the Castle. And did you know that the Queen of England, considered the ruler of many parts of the world for a very long time, cannot enter the House of Commons because she is not a member of their committee?

3. If you want to find the best and greatest varieties of teas globally, you must visit England.

The English people are tea addicts, and they drink about 20 times more tea than the Americans. Therefore, you may not find all the kinds of teas grown in the United Kingdom; however, you will definitely find the English tea wherever English people are around.

4. England can be considered one of the world’s highest countries to have the highest diversity.

This is quite a surprise to people worldwide because the English people may not be considered to be as accommodating as they actually are. For example, about 25 percent of the people that live in England were born outside of England. However, they have adapted and become a part of this unique culture over the years.

5. London is very famous for its theaters, and in fact, there are theaters like the royal Bristol that have been showing shows for many years.

It is amazing to see how the cultural background of the English people allows them to engage in the theatrical arts with such dedication. For a show to run for a hundred years definitely needs a lot of support from the public. The number of shows that have run for more than ten years in the industry is huge.

6. The English people have got their reputation for being the greatest conquerors globally, and their museum is a standing clarification to this fact.

In fact, you can see and study at least two million years of world civilization in the British Museum. There is no other museum like this anywhere in the whole world.

7. The London Bridge is falling is a very common nursery rhyme.

However, the only London Bridge that has fallen was about a thousand years ago when the Saxons pulled the London Bridge down with ropes. It is amazing to learn that a simple nursery rhyme can live for many years and still sound as if it just happened yesterday or is about to happen at any time now. Of course, the United Kingdom is very famous for its bridges and tunnels, and the river Thames which flows in the middle of London, has about 200 bridges and 20 tunnels.

8. English people believe in luck, and they believe in lotteries, and they are very good at gambling also.

In fact, some people believe that English people are better at gambling than American people. However, it is tough to make a difference. It is estimated that about seventy-five percent of the English population buys the lottery on a very regular basis. Whether this is due to a habit or whether this is due to believing in luck is difficult to know. However, it definitely helps maintain the life of gambling in the city in a healthy manner.

9. The English people have extreme cultural background rules about how they conduct themselves in public and their business.

They follow a rigorous dressing etiquette, and at the same time, they follow the rules like the importance of personal space and the outside world. Physical contact in public places is not part of the English culture. And if you are a person interested in the lives of others, you will have to be very careful with the English people as they are not so open to their personal life. They prefer to keep to themselves, and they are not used to answering questions about their personal lives and may consider this to be bad manners.

10. You are not allowed to get drunk in an English pub.

This may be considered a bizarre fact because you may want to get drunk when you go to a place like this. However, please be aware that this considered being a stringent rule. In Ireland, in fact, you cannot get drunk if you have a cow. However, it is tough to understand the meaning of this rule.

The English culture is full of rules and regulations, and there are many things that English people cannot do, like arriving late for an appointment or talking about work after work hours. However, it is exciting to note that although there are so many variations to the whole process, the United Kingdom is still considered one of the countries of the world that have accepted the maximum diversity of other cultures and backgrounds. This normally affects the original cultural background of a country; however, you will find that this does has not really made any difference to the English culture. Therefore, visiting the United Kingdom can be an enjoyable and interesting experience full of diversity, history, and a strong cultural background and artistic capacities beyond the human imagination, while thriving and becoming a significant country in the world from the economic and business point of view.