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Whig, Federalist, Independent Party, and Democratic-Republican Presidents

Four presidents were members of the United States Whig Party:

1. William Henry Harrison was president in 1841
2. John Tyler was president from 1841-1845
3. Zachary Taylor was president from 1849-1850
4. Millard Fillmore was president from 1850-1853

List of Democratic-Republican Party Presidents

Four presidents were members of the United States Democratic-Republican Party:

1. Thomas Jefferson was president from 1801-1809
2. James Madison was president from 1809-1817
3. James Monroe was president from 1817-1825
4. John Quincy Adams was president from 1825-1829

List of Federalist Presidents

John Adams was president from 1797-1801 was the only president elected as a member of the United States Federalist Party.

List of Independent Party Presidents

George Washington was president from 1789-1797 is currently the only president to have been elected without any official endorsement by a political party.